Sunday, October 30, 2005


I was watching one of those talk shows on CNN yesterday and came across four men of the cloak being interviewed by the host, Ricky Carandang. One particular point that caught my attention was the host asking: "The church came out in one voice in EDSA 1986 and EDSA 2001. This time it is divided, why so? ". "In the military, the upper echelon generals are pro PGMA while you hear negative comments from the lower ranks. The church is similar. You hear anti PGMA sentiments expressed by the ground level priests while the bishops holding lofty positions at CBCP favor PGMA, why so?".

The whole discussion group struggled while beating around the bush without ever stating that:
  • Whereas in EDSA's I and II Cardinal Sin stepped forward and showed his conviction, there is none in the present church hierarchy with a strong back bone.
  • You follow all the legislative investigations on public record, money arrives at the general level.
  • It is on public record that church positions at the bishop level and above receive money from politicians in the guise of presidential handout or contribution from government agencies such as PAGCOR.

It's a shame that gown-up men, and men of the cloak at that, conveniently forget these things when the need for them to step forward arises. On this times of kalag-kalag, Cardinal Sin must be turning in his grave.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


de-sta-bi-li-za'tion n. (new definitions noted since July 2005...applies either way for pro or anti PGMA):
  • act of assassinating noisy protest leaders for the purpose of blaming the sitting administration
  • act of calling an investigation on alleged anomalous government contracts
  • act of asking for investigation of alleged protection of illegal gambling
  • act of going to mass in a church near the national seat of government
  • act of expressing opinion in the streets
  • act of asking for investigation of undocumented departure of witnesses
  • act of asking investigation into collusion with the electoral body
  • act of gathering evidence of electoral fraud
  • act of questioning military promotion
  • act of questioning civilian appointments
  • act of asking for investigation of possible fraudulent practices in government corporations
  • performing the constitutional act of impeaching a government official

In this heated atmosphere of political bickering, feel free to pick your definition(s) and accordingly revise your Webster Dictionary at home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Amidst all the turmoil today nobody has really gone back to the basic problem - the root of all evils.
I just put down my SunStar (Wednesday, October 19, 2005). TalkBack section on page A18 has an article by one Gary G. Ash. He says it all. "...This so-called democracy is a sham. People vote individuals to position of power and abuse. The vote is a commodity and sold to the highest bidder". THE VERY ROOT OF TODAY'S EVILS.
Until the people is mature enough to stop selling the vote at election time, things will only get worse (and yes, it can still!). This behavior only perpetuates people/families in power.
Speaking of people/families in power, whatever happened to the constitutional provision(s) prohibiting political dynasties???

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Greetings, everyone!
For a modern crowded city of more than 265,000 souls, Lapu-Lapu's lack of a newspaper truly stands out. Other than the usual LOOSE gossip, nobody really knows what the actual day-to-day pulse of the city is. True, we have a section dedicated in one or two regional Cebu newspapers, but the items are inadequate and mostly deal with killings, drugs, robbery and rape.
We in Lapu-Lapu City ought to know more! So, let's try this venue.
Everybody is free to send comments ("news", opinion, etc.) on this blog, ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING PERTAINING TO POLITICS IN LAPU-LAPU. I will gladly post them subject to my privilege as editor.