Thursday, October 27, 2005


de-sta-bi-li-za'tion n. (new definitions noted since July 2005...applies either way for pro or anti PGMA):
  • act of assassinating noisy protest leaders for the purpose of blaming the sitting administration
  • act of calling an investigation on alleged anomalous government contracts
  • act of asking for investigation of alleged protection of illegal gambling
  • act of going to mass in a church near the national seat of government
  • act of expressing opinion in the streets
  • act of asking for investigation of undocumented departure of witnesses
  • act of asking investigation into collusion with the electoral body
  • act of gathering evidence of electoral fraud
  • act of questioning military promotion
  • act of questioning civilian appointments
  • act of asking for investigation of possible fraudulent practices in government corporations
  • performing the constitutional act of impeaching a government official

In this heated atmosphere of political bickering, feel free to pick your definition(s) and accordingly revise your Webster Dictionary at home.


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