Sunday, October 30, 2005


I was watching one of those talk shows on CNN yesterday and came across four men of the cloak being interviewed by the host, Ricky Carandang. One particular point that caught my attention was the host asking: "The church came out in one voice in EDSA 1986 and EDSA 2001. This time it is divided, why so? ". "In the military, the upper echelon generals are pro PGMA while you hear negative comments from the lower ranks. The church is similar. You hear anti PGMA sentiments expressed by the ground level priests while the bishops holding lofty positions at CBCP favor PGMA, why so?".

The whole discussion group struggled while beating around the bush without ever stating that:
  • Whereas in EDSA's I and II Cardinal Sin stepped forward and showed his conviction, there is none in the present church hierarchy with a strong back bone.
  • You follow all the legislative investigations on public record, money arrives at the general level.
  • It is on public record that church positions at the bishop level and above receive money from politicians in the guise of presidential handout or contribution from government agencies such as PAGCOR.

It's a shame that gown-up men, and men of the cloak at that, conveniently forget these things when the need for them to step forward arises. On this times of kalag-kalag, Cardinal Sin must be turning in his grave.


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