Thursday, December 15, 2005


Philippine politics is some game where moral indignation flies out the window.

Atty. Brillantes, lawyer for Ex-Senator Legarda, issued a preliminary report on their electoral protest before the PET. He has found fraudulent results in Lanao del Sur totaling more than 40,000 votes in favor of VP Noli de Castro in a typical dagdag-bawas fashion.

He was pressed on the end-game of the protest. His answer: see if the cheat votes are more than 800,000. And if it is, Legarda wins. Hurray!!

What has happened to moral indignation in this country!?

Memo to Atty. Brillantes (I hope the name is appropriate): 1 proven cheat vote says VP de Castro is a fraud. Don’t wait for the other 799,999. Trust me, Sir, there is a big difference between honest mistake and dishonest “mistake”.


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